Friday, December 11, 2009


Hello all,

The end of the semester has arrived quickly. Finals week has begun and many of my classmates are beginning to prepare for their journeys home. For me the end of the semester means almost six free weeks, which, inshallah, I shall spend traveling.

In the meantime, I'm putting up a few photos of Chefchaouen (Chaouen as the locals call it). Chefchaouen is the major tourist destination in the Rif mountains, renowned for its quaint mountain-town atmosphere, nature and an economy based almost entirely on herding, wool production, tourism and hashish production. These factors have made Chaouen a major stop on the hostelling-backpacking route through Morocco. Thus the old medina abounds with Riads (traditional houses) converted into hostels and young European tourists out to see the world and smoke some cheap hash. For me and my traveling companions this allowed us to meet some other youthful travellers from around the world and share our experiences as well as sleep for cheap.

Stay posted, not really sure what the next few weeks will entail!

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